Reproductive Advocate Health Education- Ghana




Volunteer and Internship Programs: A Combined Effort to Transforming Communities
Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana (RAHE-GHANA) gives you the chance connect and understand people from diverse background while you voluntarily work on our social projects. Volunteers can choose from a variety of our projects which are accessible to people of all ages regardless of their race or ethnicity but possess the passion to work in the non-profit sector.

Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana (RAHE-GHANA) seeks to promote a diversified workforce in tackling social problems. Therefore volunteers and interns from different regions of the world are warmly welcome to bring the much needed perspectives and ideas necessary for making a change.


RAHE GHANA works with the core poor and marginalized rural communities to identify, manage and to collectively bring sustainable solutions. Our work is concentrated in the Central Region of Ghana.

RAHE Ghana is looking forward to partnerships with local and international Civil Society Organisations and Intergovernmental institutions on projects, as part of our corporate social responsibility towards achieving the UN Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs). Our areas of interest include Reproductive Health, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Child Education, Environmental management, Youth and Women Empowerment as well as poverty alleviation projects.

We also welcome Private Businesses and Companies to join in the effort by supporting and participating in our projects.

Presently RAHE Ghana has partnership agreements with the UN Global Compact and the End Violence against Children, a global partnership platform based in Switzerland.